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About A Philosopher and A Businessman

Why mix philosophy and business?

I really believe in making life better for my fellow human beings, and also the many non-humans we share the planet with. For most of us spend the majority of our productive hours at work, and that work is largely created and structured by business owners and managers. It makes sense, then, that business owners and managers have a huge impact on the lives of many, many people. If I can, in some small way, convince business owners to keep in mind what’s important in life I hope that this propagates into the lives of their staff and customers.

In other words, I’m trying to leverage “Other People’s time”.

Why tune in?

I founded, grew and sold a software technology business. I have worked in micro-business (<5 people), I have worked in mid-size business (200-1000 people), and I have worked in huge business (140,000 people). Over the last few years I have been advising small companies, mostly in the engineering/heavy industry software tech sector.

After 15 years I like to think I have some idea of how a technology business works. I do have a pretty good idea of what doesn’t work and what could never work. I have numerous scars, some deep. I hope that by sharing a collection of war stories I have been a part of or witnessed, up and coming entrepreneurs can learn some expensive lessons without paying full fees.

So that’s the business side. What about the philosophy side? I’ve been studying eastern philosophy and meditation for over 20 years, including a number of multi-week meditation retreats. I try to integrate a focus on the greater meaning of life with the day to day challenges of business (and the people that make a business).

What should I expect?

  • Some articles on business.
  • Some articles on life & philosophy.
  • Some articles on both.

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