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When Sales Prevention is Good

Cashflow is almost always the number one challenge for small business. So any sale is a good sale, right? Not always. Sometimes a sales prevention department is the only thing saving the business from itself.

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The Real Reason for iPhone's Success

Much has been said about the success of the iPhone - great design, deep ecosystem etc. However, the real reason is something more pervasive.

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Stock Picking - Pitfalls for the Unwary

If you are managing a business or on the board of the business, you are paid by the owners/shareholders to look after the business on their behalf. If you want to do the right thing it is useful to look at things from the point of view of a business owner.

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The Power Of Economic Moats

Long term investors love economic moats. Business owners and managers often don't know what they are. Here's a quick illustration of their power.

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How to Wait in a Passport Queue

Business often involves travel. Travel often involves waiting somewhere for planes, passport stamps etc. How do you transform this dead time into something useful?

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The Small Business Manager

Hiring a manager for a small business is fraught with danger. In particular, big company manager thinking will kill the two things the typical small business has going in its favour - agility and low overheads.

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Quality of Recurring Earnings

Great businesses print money. Whether you go to work, stay home, mess around in the garage inventing a new gizmo, go for a surf or swan around the vineyards of Europe the cash pours in. Who doesn’t want that?

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Oops - The Gorilla Just Sat On Me

You’ve been sweating on that big deal for weeks. The gorilla deal. The one which will change the face of the company. Revenues will double overnight and all kinds of exciting things are about to happen. Now back to reality.

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The Acid Test For Business Ethics

When you're busy and under pressure it's easy to lose sight of what's ethical and what's not. Here's a quick test to help you decide.

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Climb A Tree

Running a business without good strategy and good management is like cutting your way through dense jungle with a machete. Wherever you turn it looks the same. How on earth do you know where you are going?

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